To the incredible organization that shaped me to be who I am today, I want to say thank you. Thank you for the experiences, the business practices, the way you shaped me and my business to be who we are today. A few years when I started FGLA no one could see my vision for my company but your company RISE Business Solutions walk me through the process from start to finish. I find myself comparing my past experiences of conventions, programs, and business meetings to my world now. I take everything I have learned about being a young black man and have applied it to every aspect of my life. Without your guidance and help to form me, I wouldn’t be who I am today- someone I am proud and confident to be a client. Your organization has helped me on a personal and business level.

FGLA - First Generation Leaders Of America
Devoe Sherman

My name is Ronald Evans and I am the owner of One Love Unity Apparel LLC. Our clothing line has been in existence since 2002. I have had the prviledge of working with RISE Consulting Group since June of 2017. My experience with Mark Givens and RISE has been phenominal! Since the idea of the clothing line, my vision for it’s growth and success was vast. Having no sense of direction or knowledge of how to make our vision into a reality, I felt as if I was simply running in circles. The clothing line had no structure nor was set up as an official business. As I was determined to never give up, though a mutual aquantance I was introduced to Mark Givens. In just a few short month’s, I’ve learned more than I have ever expected. The business is structured, official, and protected. I’ve never been this close to realizing my dream after all these years. The support from Mark and his staff gives me a sense of security and assurance that our business will succeed! This summer has been the most exciting summer in many years! My desire was always to be a blessing to many. I can truly say that I can now dream the dream with clarity and confidence as I see it coming into reality thanks to Mark and his staff at RISE! I am part of more than a consulting firm, I am a member of the RISE FAMILY because that’s how they have made me feel! Thank you so very much Mark!

One Love Unity Apparel LLC
Ronald Evans

My experience at rise Business Solution has been phenomenal. I have learned so much more about business I've learned so many great tools and skills needed to enhance my business I learned how to properly organize and operate my business in a way that will bring income and success and productivity. Working with rise Business Solutions has really changed my life in a good way this experience has been a blessing it has open doors and opportunities and networks that I never thought was possible. I am grateful and thankful that I was able to be a part of such a great company and I am excited for what the future has for my business and for rise Business Solutions. The staff at rise are very friendly and helpful and it's been a great experience. I started a creation business that God gave me the vision for and working with rise has really helped make a dream a reality and for this words cant convey what my heart has to say. I am very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company.

Topaz Peeples

Clear CPR Training would like to thank Rise Business Consulting Group for helping us get our CPR businesss to the next level. We have been working with Mr. Givens and his staff since March of 2017. With their guidance and knowledge of Mark and his Staff Our business has succeccively open.They provide you with the tools that you need to open up a business. If you follow Rise lead you will have successful results " Rise help Our dreams come true! Rise help you Rise from the bottom to the Top without Rise I don't where would we be........ Thank You for your help Sincerely

Clear CPR Training LLC
Wynn B. Crooms

I have been a RISE Business Solutions client for a little over three months and words cannot describe how pleased I am with the services. RISE has been a significant force behind the steady progress in growing my non-profit organization, Advocates for Affordable Legal Services, Inc. The mission behind my organization is to provide discounted legal services to individuals who do not qualify for public legal services, but cannot afford typical market rate fees for a private attorney. Although I have practiced law for nearly years and have briefly engaged solo practice before, I have never actually started a business before. As such this effort increasingly became daunting as I navigated through the business building process. Within the third month of starting my business, I was introduced to Mr. Mark Givens. Ever since that day, with the help of RISE I have been making progress which I thought would take much longer. Through RISE’s careful process in helping me to build a solid business foundation, along with their strategic and extremely careful planning to grow my business, I am increasingly confident that this effort will succeed. I truly appreciate the way in which RISE personalizes each step according to my particular business needs. Mr. Givens and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, as such the services which RISE offers covers all areas essential to making a business successful because they make you think about things you may have never considered before. Whether you have never started a business before, or starting a business for the first time, I am certain that RISE has something to offer to take your business to the next level.

Advocates for Affordable Legal Services, Inc.
Alisé M. Wilson, Esq.

As a first generation entrepreneur, RISE Business Solutions has helped me understand business. With RISE I feel comfortable being myself. Mark Givens Sr. gives me the opportunity to ask questions and share my ideas. I am encouraged to dream big and explore different options. They've been patient with me since day one and are willing to go at my pace while guiding me through the process. The business coaches are transparent, upfront and able to answer the hard questions. Best of all they’ve shown me how to make a profit! I'm grateful for their support and look forward to a prosperous future.

Pure Genius Solutions, LLC
Kayla J. McDonald

I’m Kristen Bostic, owner of Kreations of Essence, LLC. I started my business in 2013 and became a LLC in 2016. I have a Body Line and am currently working to get my Wine Line going, which was my main motivation for working with Rise Consulting Group. When, I first started working with Rise Consulting Group, I knew some of what I needed to really get things going, but there was so much more that I hadn’t even thought of. Since our collaboration began, I have completed a Priority List, used that Priority list to complete my OGSM, and am now working on my Business Plan. Before Rise Consulting Group, I had a general idea of what I wanted for my business, but now, my dream has expanded to so much more than what I initially conceived. Rise Consulting Group continues to assist me by getting me to see the bigger picture, teaching me to think like an entrepreneur, getting me to think in a team mindset versus doing everything myself, as well as, working smarter not harder. Rise Consulting Group offers the Rise Consulting Group Family an array of business classes to help keep me on the right track and they have definitely become my 1-Stop-Shop! The final thing I would like to add about working with Rise Consulting Group, is that they treat me like family. They don’t try to push anything on me that I don’t need, I feel like I matter as a client and that they genuinely want to see me succeed, not just in my business, but in all aspects of life. To me, that’s the real key to keep me coming back and continuing to build my working relationship with Rise Consulting Group. I have recommended them to many other business owners, and I will continue to do so, because they are great at what they do!

Kreations Of Essence, LLC
Kristen Bostic